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Share Purchases and Sales

A share sale or purchase is an alternative to buying or selling a company’s assets. It can mean a smoother transition of ownership because it often enables the buyer to take over the running of the business without having to deal with transfers of customer contracts, licences, consents or premises.


A share purchases offers some distinct advantages over an asset purchases but it can give rise to some complicated issues. The process can be intense, requiring the seller and the buyer to focus on detailed facts and legal documents, take a view on problematic areas and maintain perspective and context.


At the heart of any transaction is the ‘due diligence’ process, where the buyer gets the chance to look at the business “warts and all”.  It is a critical part of any proposed sale or purchase.  Not only does it flush out any issues, but it allows both sides to assess the viability of the deal and inform their negotiations. 


For buyers, a well executed due diligence process will reveal the extent of the liabilities they will inherit post-sale.  Armed with this information they can then seek to negotiate appropriate warranties and indemnities from the seller, and limit their risk exposure.


Our corporate lawyers advise buyers and sellers on all aspects of share sales and purchases. Early on, they identify the key points in any deal and guide clients through the due diligence process, negotiations and subsequent fine detail of the agreement. 


We understand the business environment and we always keep in mind the overall objective.  We are here to facilitate the deal, whilst making sure that our clients get what they expect.  It is not our job to get in the way, to make mountains out of mole-hills or engage in a point-scoring exercise with the solicitors acting for the other party.


Our team helps sellers and buyers negotiate and structure a deal which gives them the outcome they’re looking for.


For sellers this includes getting a good price and limiting ongoing liability.


For buyers it means protecting their position through restrictive covenants and other contractual promises from the seller.


In every type of transaction our team works quickly and expertly to help make deals happen.



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