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The government has continued its crackdown on unfair letting fees by announcing that tenants in the private rented sector will no longer be forced to pay excessive fees for minor damages.
The dismissal of a tanker driver for spilling fuel on a Tesco forecourt was unfair despite him being blameworthy.
When setting up a partnership it’s essential to have a written agreement outlining how the arrangement is going to work, even when dealing with close family members.
The government is drawing up plans to end the ‘blame game’ for separating couples, which often sees one partner accusing the other of unreasonable behaviour to get a quick divorce.
Most people in the UK are putting their future well-being at risk by neglecting to make legal preparations for their old age, according to a new report.
The High Court has settled a dispute between four siblings who couldn’t agree over the sale of their parents’ house.
1st October 2018
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